June 15, 2009

Another Angel

We have another Angel

Mason our 20 year old who has been waiting for his 2nd pair of lungs has become an Angel. He has been fighting a long time with infections and rejection of the 1st transplanted lungs. He has been in and out of the hospital since November he couldn't fight any more.

In case you have forgotten Mason's story - you can go to my posts on the right - Nov 16th, 2008, Prayer Request for Mason.

Please join us in prayer for Mason's family as I am sure they are suffering from his passing.

June 04, 2009

In the Wait With Patience

If your ship has run amuck or sunk to the ocean's floor;
If your heart has given up and you can take no more;
Carry all your woes to Him. Place them in His care.
Know that He will help you through your days of dark despair,
Throughout all times and seasons, ride with them, you must.
Take your problems to the Lord. In Him put all your trust.
Though it may take hours, days or weeks, or even more;
If you have deep faith in Him, He will bring your ship to shore.

My ship is finally coming back to the shore:

I had the colonoscopy on the 19th of May - turns out I have infectious colitis - started a strong probiotic, it seems to be working.

After seeing my Ortho Dr turns out I had to have shoulder surgery on May 20 it went well - a partial tear repair in the anterior of rotator cuff, I was bone on bone with a bone spur - they separated my bones by shaving them down. Still in pain - pt started June 3rd, 2x's/week.

EMG of my chest/diaphragm is July 17th, hopefully we will get to the bottom of my SOB, RHR, etc...

I had to change medicines for my sleep disorder from Mirapex to 15mg of Bacoflen... I am "sleeping at night" still get the periodic limb movements but at least I think I am sleeping about 6 - 8 hrs of sleep a night.

Thank you for the prayers and support during my absence. Been praying for those in need - thinking of you all. Posting is still hard. Deb