August 02, 2013

3 weeks since my ileostomy

I am still trying to learn how to change the appliances.  There are so many products on the market that I have a hard time choosing what one to use.  I am finding ones that don't agree with my skin - skin rashes are now present as well as irritated skin.

I ordered all latex free products from 6 different companies some of the samples have arrived - some are going back not for me. 

I have to use pouches, adaptors, paste, powder, rings and things.  This surgery was my only resort but it is a lot of work to maintain it to prevent infections.

Lilly doesn't sleep at night so I have to set 5 alarms just so I can get up to empty or burp her.  Lilly acts like a new born - she sleeps all day and when I try to take a nap she wakes up and has to go potty - typical baby right? 

Anyway I am doing well and will get through this and it will become second nature to me with the Lord's help.