December 17, 2011

My Purpose

Have you ever wondered why you are put here on earth, what the real purpose of your life is? I have asked these questions and more from my Heavenly Father and as I sit here I share with you some of my insights about my life.

You know through the year we are always to think of others not just at the Holiday times but all the time, I haven't been as good at that as I should but I'm going to try.

I was born into this world 55 yrs ago and I am still here by the Grace of God. Many of my family members have passed away or just left for no reason. Life as I have known it hasn't been the greatest but it was life. One day I gave my life away, actually I gave it back to Jesus and said, "thank you for giving me life and now I give it back to you so you can mold me into the person you want me to be, I will follow you no matter what the cost, no matter what is in store, even unto death, just use me for your Glory", I picked up my cross and never turned back.

As I sit here typing I am crying but tears of joy for the Lord has kept me safe, I might live by my myself but I am never alone, my Heavenly Father is always besides me. I asked Him to use me in anyway He chooses and to guide me on the path.

I have been through many trials, many surgeries, many hardships but still I am here strong in the Lord my faith does not waver. I can not go to church right now but that is okay because I have Jesus in my heart and He knows what is going on with me.

God is good all the time - He allows me to go places that others can not go for He knows I can do it. He uses me to witness to others in hospitals, clinics and to the Drs. One can not do that unless they are put there to do so. We are all called according to His purpose.

God is the ultimate healer and it is always in His time not ours. Sometimes we can get healed instantly, or over time, sometimes it is in our death that we are healed - but no matter how we are healed it is always within God's time table, He is never late.

I close with this: When God closes a door He opens a window so the Blessings can continue to flow. He never closes something before opening something else first.

I was Blessed this year by needing to sell my car - a recent surgery that saved my life also gave me the freedom to live. The selling of my car helped me to be debt free for the first time in my life. I used all the money to pay all my bills. We don't need material things in life to live, we just need to live according to His plans for us. I have given my all to Him and He keeps giving me Blessings on top of Blessings. I am financially okay right now and yet no matter how much I give to others He returns it 10 fold.

My life might be on a rough road right now, but I am thankful to my God I am still working for Him. I am here to be an encourager to others - no matter what I go through I know He gives me the Grace and Strength to keep going. I have one life to live and I chose to live it for Him. It doesn't matter how rough the road because one day my road will lead straight to Him. So if you think it is to hard for you to keep going please call on Jesus and He will carry you just as He does for me.

With Jesus' Love, may you also receive Blessings from above Debbie.

December 13, 2011

Much has been going on .....

I have been tied up with Therapy.

My 2nd neck surgery took place on Sept. 13th where both rods and 5 screws needed to be replaced, thanks to a therapist not following direct orders not to do ROM. I was in the hospital for only 1 week, then went home.

I had home care from nurses for 3 weeks, changing bandages and giving me my Axitra shots daily as I couldn't take my Warfarin for almost 1 month.

I began new therapy at a new location called ATI - I go 3 days a week and it has been on going since the 27th of Sept. They do very deep muscle massage,
ultrasound and heat treatments every time I go. My muscles in my back and neck have already started to atrophy so much work is needed to be done. I have no range of motion what so ever - I had to sell my car which was a good thing because now I am debt free.

I have finally got excepted into the Pulmonary Rehab center at my local hospital 100% paid for by the local community care program - my insurance would not pick this up because I didn't have COPD or asthma - my nurses eval was today and Thurs will be my exercise eval to get the program going - that will be 2 d
ays a week for 12 weeks. My latest respiratory muscle force was PI max 34, PE max 45. BP 110/70, resting HR 89, pulse ox 95, 6 min walk 150 meters.

They are believing that my muscles for my lungs could be because of the autonomic dysfunctions that are going on. My Kidneys are now showing signs of kidney failure can not go to the restroom without the water pills. I still have iron deficiency anemia for which the iron pills are not working. I see the kidney specialist every 4 months.

Been having problems with my knee replacement had to have another Cort shot yesterday and have to start Nsaid tomorrow, of course I had to get permission from the Neurosurgeon and Hematologist who prescribes my Warfarin, this means possible adjustments.

Oh and we're not to have cranberries because of Warfarin, but I now have to take the pill form of cranberries because I can't seem to fight off the bladder infections I keep getting every 4 months. Never had a UTI all my 55 yrs and I have had 3 this year go figure.

Good News - with all this going on my diabetes is still in remission A1c 5.1%, Lipid panel just done was excellent so my Dr said: total chol. 147, trigs 70, HD
L 56 and LDL 77. According to this I am should be healthy, my weight is now 150.

Life has been like a bed of Roses especially for the thrones
that represent all my trials, my favorite color for a
Rose is yellow because it stands for peace. I am
at peace with all that has been going on
because I know
God has been taking care of me
and not letting me down.