June 02, 2011

What A Month May Has Been

Here is my update:

Saw Neurosurgeon in early May, told me the surgery I needed and we scheduled it for June 6th. I need to be there by 5:30am, surgery will be at 7:30am. He will be working on 4 levels of my neck through the back to free up the spinal cord. Will be placing 2 rods and screws in to fuse the neck. Hospital stay 4 to 7 days.

Since I have had the neck brace on my sugars are climbing slightly, my blood pressure is now normal 110/70 and I had my first ever normal EKG. So spinal fluid is a must to our bodies. God only knows how long I have been low on fluid. but at least now I will be fixed in that area.

May 11th rectal surgery - it went fine. Today went to get the stitches out still quite sore, I'll see her in 3 weeks for another check up. She said I could have surgery.

On May 20th myself and our maintenance guy tried to stop 2 male ducks from killing a female duck, Paul scared them and they flew above my head and hit me and I went down on my butt. My knee got damaged and I found out on the 23rd I also received a hair line fracture on my left wrist so that now is in a cast. Will be on for 3 weeks or longer. New Xray in 3 weeks.

That is it for now typing is hard, I will post as soon I can following the surgery. Thanks for your prayers.