March 23, 2013

Now We Wait For The Results

I had my Cardiopulmonary Stress Test on Friday.  A test I hope to never have again.  Not fun at all.  All they told me was it didn't look good. "We will send the test results to the ordering doctor, Dr. S. my cardiologist.  He should contact you for a follow up and let you know what to do next".  They did not say how long it will take to process the results.

They also told me to have my primary care doctor request to see one of their PH Dr's.  So Dr. K will also get the results.  Dr. R.  is booking out into June.  But that is okay with me I have been waiting for years for the proper diagnosis I can wait a couple more months.

While I was on my way to Madison - my GI doctor called to tell me my results of my small bowel follow through test were not normal for a few reasons.  Apparently my small bowel muscles are not working at all.  The other problem is at the junction where my small bowel was reattached to my colon there is an obstruction as well as it has narrowed in a few spots.  There is also a rectal prolapse that is in need of repair.

I have to call the office on Monday and schedule a colonoscopy so they can insert a balloon to try to stretch the colon enough to help things pass through.  My doctor said there are many risks involved and I might end up having emergency surgery on the spot.  I am not looking forward to this procedure.

Once this procedure is done we will then see what can be done to help the muscles work in my small bowel.   At the present time I have no clue what I am up against.  I keep telling my friends and this too shall pass.   My new nick name from my girlfriend is "abbynormal".

March 18, 2013

Now We're Getting Somewhere

You guest it the people who were suppose to do the test since Jan. kept giving me every excuse under the sun.... you have to wait a month after a cold, I'm sorry the computer to the equipment is broken we have to send it out for repairs (that took 3 weeks),  the doctor is still on vacation (for 6 weeks?) yeah right, the latest one was over a week ago we don't have a treadmill (might be able to schedule her next week, we'll call her). I never got that call. Anyway how can they not have a treadmill? And where are they getting one from?  Another state?  This test is set up in a rehab dept.  Enough excuses already I will go elsewhere.

 My Cardiopulmonary Stress Test is being done on Friday the 22nd at 2pm at another hospital in Madison, WI.  Same hospital where my new PH Dr. works out of.

I had one of my tests for my intestines last Friday, the 15th - it took 6 hrs and the doctor said I probably had to stay another 3 hrs so he halted the test and said he had enough info for my new GI Dr.  2 more tests are needed - I should get that call soon - then we can decide what path I take.  My test came back abnormal my autonomic dysfunction is causing me a whole lot of problems.  Talk to you soon, Deb.

March 12, 2013

Yes, there are more tests

Yes, there are a few tests I haven't had.  UGI - Upper GI test then a test called small bowel follow through.  I've been scheduled for this Friday the 15th.  I have to swallow barium and take pictures until it goes all the way down and out.  Can take as long as 6 hrs, depending on how long it takes for the small intestines to work.  My case due to hypo-motility issues most likely 6 hrs.  There is also a breath test where you drink some stuff and they test your breath for bacteria.

I saw the new GI Doctor - we like him very much.   He had said based on my recent test results my problem can be caused by adhesion's from my colon surgery or could be caused by my autonomic dysfunction and in that case no treatment is given.  If it is adhesion's then surgery is needed to correct the problem.

The doctor will call me with the results and let me know what is the next step.  He said that my problem is not normal and he will try to find the cause - might not be able to fix it - but he'll at least get to the bottom of the problem.

All my blood tests from my primary doctor came back just saying I have had past infections recently.   No word on the Cardiopulmonary Stress Test - that doctor is supposedly still on vacation.  Yeah right since the last week of January. 

March 07, 2013

Can any more tests be done?

In the month of February I have had countless number of tests done: Ultrasound, Xrays, HIDA Scan, CT Scan, Endoscopy, stomach emptying study just to name a few - all saying the same thing: gaseous distended of the stomach and duodenum but no small bowel obstruction. Gallbladder is functioning normally,  I had a blockage at the junction where the large colon and small intestines are sewed together - which is fine now.  3 tests also showed my right lung is partially collapsed.  They think it could be caused by a forth of my intestines are up under my liver and diaphragm into the chest area. 

Have had many different kinds of blood work done - checking for muscle and heart problems.  Still waiting for those results to come in.  Some were sent out could take 10 days I was told.

I was sent to a pain management doctor for shots in my stomach to stop the pain and the muscle cramps but the only thing they did were numb me for 2 days then the pain came back in the RUQ with charlie horses.  No relief from the shots.  The GI Dr who sent me said I had Costochondritis but my primary care doc said no and so did the pain doc.

I have been referred to another GI Doc who specializes in conditions of the small intestines - that appt. is on the 12th of March.  Not sure what he will do - all I know is I look like I have a basketball inside the upper part of my stomach and a portion of my chest.  I have pain all the time, charlie horses every evening and my water pills are not helping with that area of my body. 

As for the Cardiopulmonary Stress Test - that has never been done either.  I have called that clinic on 3 occasions in Feb. asking to be scheduled and they kept telling me the only doctor who does this test is still on vacation.  It's been a month now and clinic has told me not to call them anymore they will call me when he gets back.  I called my PH Cardio Doctor who ordered the test and told them what was going on - they called the clinic and was told the same thing "he's on vacation" and they don't know when he'll be back.  My doctor is looking into another location to have it done - he will call me back tomorrow. 

I'll update so soon as I know more.