January 05, 2012

What's Been Happening

On Dec. 9th I saw my Neurosurgeon because something didn't feel or look right in the back of my neck. The last neck of Nov. I bent down to turn on my heater (baseboard type) and I felt a pop and a pull in the neck. Since then I get a lot of crunching going on. The Dr. thought it could be a hardware problem, so he sent me for more Xrays.

I went back on Dec. 23rd only to find out I need more surgery, it is scheduled for Jan. 9th. Not sure at this point what he will be doing as my 7th vertebrae decided to come loose.

Been having trouble with my diuretics many cramps in my feet, legs and hands, so my PCP ran extra blood work along with the regular stuff for pre-op. I thought maybe my water pills weren't working and I needed it switched but it was that my potassium is still low again. Now I get to take 3 horse pills instead of 2. Thank God I can take them with hot water to help dissolve them enough to swallow them.

Both Pulmonary Rehab and Physical Therapy are on hold until the Dr. thinks I can go back. I am still trying to get in 2,000 steps a day. Some day I am close to my goal other days I clock in at 3,000. My goal Pulm. Rehab and I have is to be able to get in 5,000 steps a day and still breathe.

That is it for now, have a Blessed day. Deb