November 20, 2013

Surgery is over but the wait is not

I spent 16 days in the hospital this time.  My doctor removed my rectum, sigmoid part of colon and resectioned my stoma, a new stoma was made.  Apparently what looked like a hernia was nothing more than a kink in my small intestines just below the stoma.

My doctor cut off the top stoma and made a new one by pulling up the kink unto the tummy line.  It took 14 days of no eating anything including ice chips before my intestines would finally work. 

My GI doctor suggested using a small amount of Miralax to jump start things and sure enough I began going again.  Now I will be using a small amount of Miralax on a daily basis to keep things going.

Been to see my colon surgeon yesterday because of the receding stoma - looks like more surgery is again on the table will know more next Monday.  I am dealing with painful bleeding granulomas as well which makes my appliance's not fit properly.  So I go in 3 times a week for changes.

While in the hospital I found out the my lungs are getting worse - I now have both of my lungs partially collapsed with a COPD diagnoses.  There is a fear that the PH is getting worse I will be seeing my PH doctor on Dec. 23rd to see what can be done.  My oxygen is now dropping to 90 - 93 mark at night - we need it to drop into the 80's before they give you oxygen at night.  Daytime O2 is still at the 96 level which is good.

I had to give up my percussion vest as it was causing more pain in my back muscles than it was helping me with my cough. 

As for Michelle - it had been brought to my attention by one of my followers who read my blog to read the comment section of Michelle's blog.  I learned that our dear friend has passed away on Nov. 3rd.  She fought a hard fight of breast cancer for 3-1/2 years, she is now pain free and resting peacefully.  Please remember to pray for her family.

Talk to you soon, Deb.