December 15, 2012

Health Update

I should start out with the info about my Neck.  I did have the surgery on Sept. 13 where all the hardware was removed - I have a completely fused 7 vertebrae fusion with an add'l laminectomy done on T2.  I am pain free in the cervical area with the exception of the muscles and nerves.  I am in PT for that.

While having the chest X-rays for the pre-surgery it was discovered that I have scoliosis of the thoracic area.  Which prompt more testing and I have an S-shape throughout my entire thoracic spine.  That surgeon said I am looking at a 12 to 15 vertebrae fusion.  Not at this time since I have other issues to deal with.

They also found on that complete spine X-ray a large portion of my intestines up in my chest area under my diaphragm and liver as well as a severely enlarge heart.  I was told to see my Cardiologist asap.  Which I did.  That info is following.

It has been confirmed I have secondary PH (Pulmonary Hypertension).

I have been through almost every test under the sun, my RHC with medicines will be taking place as soon as I get through my Pulmonary stress test. I will getting the date for this on Monday. Recent Stress Test was stopped after only 4 mins. I could not breathe. Heart rate 155, pb dropped.

I had 2 different PFT's at 2 different locations with the same failed findings. They are trying to get me in for the pulm. stress test asap as I have an extremely large heart at the moment. They need to find out why.

I am seeing a PH Cardiologist so he is on top of this.

Recent tests since July have been echo - approx. PA pressures were 35. Up 15 points since March.

Chest X-ray - Sept. Severe cardiomegaly with twisted aorta. Pulmonary Fibrous and scoliosis.

EKG - abnormal

PFT - failed - Neuromuscular weakness (no asthma) He wants to order a muscle biopsy to see what kind of Neuromuscular condition I'm dealing with. 1st things 1st he said.

Ct-Scans with/wo contrast showed same as chest X-ray.

Blood gases - just normal at 83.

As with everything there is more tests that have to be done - some of my current meds have either been discontinued or changed out of help aide in my healing.