September 18, 2011

Cervical Repair Done

I got home last night Sat. the 17th but was too tired to post.

They had to open the entire incision to get at the screws and rods. I got to keep the hardware they removed. The surgery was supposed to be 1-1/2hrs but it was 3. I am in pain due to the surgery, of reopening, moving the nerves and muscles around etc.....

But the horrible pain I was having when I sat up or stood for more than 15mins is gone. Thank God.

I am back to wearing my neck brace again for 6 weeks or longer, go in on Friday the 23rd to get the staples removed. I have a nurse coming in everyday to give me Arixtra shots (heparin) until I am therapeutic in regards to my INR. I have to have daily dressing changes by them as well since I can not do it.

I will be needing more therapy and muscle massage without any Range Of Motion, this will take place after my brace comes off.

As for my girlfriend's funeral I was told it was nice. My friends gave me all the papers that were handed out which was nice. She is in a better place now.

Other than that it is one day at a time until I am healed. Again thanks for keeping me in your thoughts and prayers.

September 08, 2011

I'm in need of a repair

Yes you heard right - I'm in need of a repair. My cervical hardware has decided to come a part. I currently have 3 screws that came out of the vertebrae.

Tuesday the 13th I'll be having the screws taken out and replaced. My understanding is they will take out the current screws, fill the holes and drill new holes to accommodate the new screws.

This will not be day surgery, as the Dr told us - it will be to painful for the first few days I'll be put on a pain pump. Should stay in the hospital for about 3 days then go home.

Now I can say I am a pain in the neck and I have a few screws loose. Go ahead and laugh everyone does.

To see the hardware I am talking about go to

I tried to copy the picture but I couldn't. You do not need to read the entire brochure, but it does explain all the equipment used and what they did in the first place on June 6th.