September 05, 2012

What's Been Happening Since Mayo

I am not even sure where to start but here goes:

Neurologist:  Appt. is set for Nov. to go over the findings of the Brain MRI and the EEG.  

Neurosurgeon was seen last week - Aug. 28th.  He did not like to looks of my neck.  I have to have another laminectomy done on T2 and possibly T3.  I have to have all hardware removed as I am rejecting it.  The Surgery was scheduled for asap - so the date is Sept. 13th.

 Orthopedic:  New X-rays were taken of my Thoracic findings were:  Severe DDD changes throughout the thoracic area.  Detroxscoliosis of the thoracic spine centered at the thoracolumbar junction.  This is at the same junction where the tortuous aorta attached itself.  Needs to be watched.  

Pulmonary Specialist  Met with my new Pulmonary Dr. today.  He has confirmed Pulmonary Fibrosis, Bronchiectasis wall thickening of the lungs and blocked bronchial tubes.  I will be needing more tests as time goes on - they are on hold at the moment because of my scheduled neck surgery.  I will stopping the saline chloride treatment that Mayo started me on because it is not clearing my lungs.  My new treatment plan will begin on Sunday when I can pick up my meds. My appts. to start out with are in 1 month intervals then every 6 weeks.  Chest X-rays and CT scans need to be done on a regular basis to watch the progression of the Pulmonary Fibrosis and Bronchiectasis.

Vascular saw my vascular surgeon the first week I came home - but we put the laser ablation plan on hold for the time because there are other health issues that require more immediate attention.  I am to go back when I am in better shape (health wise).

Endoscopy and colonoscopy  were both done within the first 2 weeks of getting back from Mayo - no bleeds were found.  My Dr. is thinking I do not absorb my iron.  I was sent to my Hematologist for further testing on the extremely low Ferritin Levels.

Hematologist tests were repeated, my Ferritin levels were still low so I begun my Iron IV treatments.  I go back every 5 weeks for blood work and on the 6th week find out where I am at.  Good news I have be given the clearance to stop the blood thinners until they can find the source of my extremely high d-dimer test.  I supposedly do not have a clotting problem yet my d-dimer is high.  Being watched and tested on a regular basis.

I believe that is it for now - still more tests to be done - but not until after my neck surgery and I have had at least 6 weeks of healing behind me.  Thanks for reading.