March 18, 2013

Now We're Getting Somewhere

You guest it the people who were suppose to do the test since Jan. kept giving me every excuse under the sun.... you have to wait a month after a cold, I'm sorry the computer to the equipment is broken we have to send it out for repairs (that took 3 weeks),  the doctor is still on vacation (for 6 weeks?) yeah right, the latest one was over a week ago we don't have a treadmill (might be able to schedule her next week, we'll call her). I never got that call. Anyway how can they not have a treadmill? And where are they getting one from?  Another state?  This test is set up in a rehab dept.  Enough excuses already I will go elsewhere.

 My Cardiopulmonary Stress Test is being done on Friday the 22nd at 2pm at another hospital in Madison, WI.  Same hospital where my new PH Dr. works out of.

I had one of my tests for my intestines last Friday, the 15th - it took 6 hrs and the doctor said I probably had to stay another 3 hrs so he halted the test and said he had enough info for my new GI Dr.  2 more tests are needed - I should get that call soon - then we can decide what path I take.  My test came back abnormal my autonomic dysfunction is causing me a whole lot of problems.  Talk to you soon, Deb.

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