March 23, 2013

Now We Wait For The Results

I had my Cardiopulmonary Stress Test on Friday.  A test I hope to never have again.  Not fun at all.  All they told me was it didn't look good. "We will send the test results to the ordering doctor, Dr. S. my cardiologist.  He should contact you for a follow up and let you know what to do next".  They did not say how long it will take to process the results.

They also told me to have my primary care doctor request to see one of their PH Dr's.  So Dr. K will also get the results.  Dr. R.  is booking out into June.  But that is okay with me I have been waiting for years for the proper diagnosis I can wait a couple more months.

While I was on my way to Madison - my GI doctor called to tell me my results of my small bowel follow through test were not normal for a few reasons.  Apparently my small bowel muscles are not working at all.  The other problem is at the junction where my small bowel was reattached to my colon there is an obstruction as well as it has narrowed in a few spots.  There is also a rectal prolapse that is in need of repair.

I have to call the office on Monday and schedule a colonoscopy so they can insert a balloon to try to stretch the colon enough to help things pass through.  My doctor said there are many risks involved and I might end up having emergency surgery on the spot.  I am not looking forward to this procedure.

Once this procedure is done we will then see what can be done to help the muscles work in my small bowel.   At the present time I have no clue what I am up against.  I keep telling my friends and this too shall pass.   My new nick name from my girlfriend is "abbynormal".

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