March 07, 2013

Can any more tests be done?

In the month of February I have had countless number of tests done: Ultrasound, Xrays, HIDA Scan, CT Scan, Endoscopy, stomach emptying study just to name a few - all saying the same thing: gaseous distended of the stomach and duodenum but no small bowel obstruction. Gallbladder is functioning normally,  I had a blockage at the junction where the large colon and small intestines are sewed together - which is fine now.  3 tests also showed my right lung is partially collapsed.  They think it could be caused by a forth of my intestines are up under my liver and diaphragm into the chest area. 

Have had many different kinds of blood work done - checking for muscle and heart problems.  Still waiting for those results to come in.  Some were sent out could take 10 days I was told.

I was sent to a pain management doctor for shots in my stomach to stop the pain and the muscle cramps but the only thing they did were numb me for 2 days then the pain came back in the RUQ with charlie horses.  No relief from the shots.  The GI Dr who sent me said I had Costochondritis but my primary care doc said no and so did the pain doc.

I have been referred to another GI Doc who specializes in conditions of the small intestines - that appt. is on the 12th of March.  Not sure what he will do - all I know is I look like I have a basketball inside the upper part of my stomach and a portion of my chest.  I have pain all the time, charlie horses every evening and my water pills are not helping with that area of my body. 

As for the Cardiopulmonary Stress Test - that has never been done either.  I have called that clinic on 3 occasions in Feb. asking to be scheduled and they kept telling me the only doctor who does this test is still on vacation.  It's been a month now and clinic has told me not to call them anymore they will call me when he gets back.  I called my PH Cardio Doctor who ordered the test and told them what was going on - they called the clinic and was told the same thing "he's on vacation" and they don't know when he'll be back.  My doctor is looking into another location to have it done - he will call me back tomorrow. 

I'll update so soon as I know more.

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