March 12, 2013

Yes, there are more tests

Yes, there are a few tests I haven't had.  UGI - Upper GI test then a test called small bowel follow through.  I've been scheduled for this Friday the 15th.  I have to swallow barium and take pictures until it goes all the way down and out.  Can take as long as 6 hrs, depending on how long it takes for the small intestines to work.  My case due to hypo-motility issues most likely 6 hrs.  There is also a breath test where you drink some stuff and they test your breath for bacteria.

I saw the new GI Doctor - we like him very much.   He had said based on my recent test results my problem can be caused by adhesion's from my colon surgery or could be caused by my autonomic dysfunction and in that case no treatment is given.  If it is adhesion's then surgery is needed to correct the problem.

The doctor will call me with the results and let me know what is the next step.  He said that my problem is not normal and he will try to find the cause - might not be able to fix it - but he'll at least get to the bottom of the problem.

All my blood tests from my primary doctor came back just saying I have had past infections recently.   No word on the Cardiopulmonary Stress Test - that doctor is supposedly still on vacation.  Yeah right since the last week of January. 

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