April 09, 2013

Colonoscopy Completed

I had my colonoscopy done today - more problems than I thought but at least I am getting somewhere.

They only slightly opened up the stricture with the balloon.  My major problem was what the small intestines looked like.  Many areas of the small intestines were enlarged and full of fluid specifically in the area of the liver.

I had to do clear liquids for 4 days prior.  Then on Sunday did the entire colon prep.  Emptying took a total of 12 hours before I was done.  On Monday had to repeat the whole process again, I thought I'd start the colon prep at 3 in the afternoon so I could sleep all night.  Nope 12 hours later I thought I was cleared out, was not according to the surgeon.

One colon prep is all one is suppose to need, not me.  I was diagnosed with  Intestinal Pseudo-Obstruction.  This goes hand in hand with my Autonomic Dysfunction.

See site:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Intestinal_pseudoobstruction
or go to:  http://digestive.niddk.nih.gov/ddiseases/pubs/intestinalpo/

This means changing my high fiber diet to a non or low fiber diet.  No more wheat, Metamucil, my psyllium capsules.  I have always ate a high fiber diet to keep my diabetes in control and to help bulk up the stool, this will be interesting see how my new food plan works on my diabetes and my emptying.

The doctor also found that a have a bacterial overgrowth so I'll go on some strong antibiotics for 10 days then go back to see him in 4 weeks to see how I am doing.  If things in my intestines don't improve in the 4 weeks I'll be facing more tests and/or surgery to help relieve the pressure that is building up. 

My Cardiopulmonary Stress Test is finally in my Dr's hands I will get the results on April 16th.

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