July 05, 2013

Ostomy Training

My Stoma Nurse is very nice, she was late and kept apologizing, she said it was one appt. after another. We told her it was okay not to worry.

I will be getting a two piece appliance because of my neck fusion, I can't see to empty it so I'll just remove it - empty it - attach it and away I go. Piece of cake.

Frieda told me that I am a lucky one as for supplies because I will not have to keep getting upgrades from other companies. I'll be able to stay with one company thanks for having a Latex allergy.

I am sorry to say this but bring it on - I am tired of "trying" to go, I am ready to get this over with.

Wednesday seems so far away.  After my surgery then I keep her until I learn how to do all the care by myself.  She said I will be coming to her on an outpatient basis once in awhile to see how well I am healing.  This shall go well I am not worried in this least little bit.

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