October 26, 2008

A good place to start

My name is Debbie, I am 52 years old. I have much wrong with me mainly pulmonary hypertension due to blood clots in both lungs, patent foraman ovule PFO (hole in my heart). Sept 10th, 07', as I was going for my normal daily walk around the Fox River I noticed I had a sharp pain in my jaw and shoulder didn't think anything of it. A week later the same thing happened this time I was having trouble breathing like I couldn't get enough air. Again I said I must have done too much.

My turning point of my life was on Oct 2nd, 07', I saw my primary Dr. she ordered a host of tests - ekg's, echo's, ct scans and blood work. On Oct 5th I got the call - I had to have a heart catherization - I had blood clots in both lungs, enlarged pulmonary artery, fluid on the heart and the list went on.

Was hospitalized Oct 15th, 07' for 6 days. Was put on blood thinners and 8 other medications to deal with all that was going on. My life became a stand still. March 08', I saw my first pulmonary hypertension Dr. and learned I also have a large hole in my heart - a birth defect. Went through more tests. It is now one year later and I still have the shortness of breath, chest pains, rapid heart rate and can not do the easist of tasks like going for long walks, cleaning my house, going up stairs, exercising, making my bed is a challenge so I don't do it, who cares (I live alone).

I have now learned that if I have the hole in my heart plugged or repaired my pulmonary hypertension could possibly resolve itself. I am not on meds for the PH yet- I see my PH Dr on Nov 6th at which time he will decide what route to go.

Prior to all this happening I worked 60 hrs a week, owned a floral business in my home, exercised on machines daily plus walking 3 miles a day. I no longer have my business - it's doors closed in Dec. I am praying a miracle comes our way - I am looking forward to the day I can go back to work and exercise again.

As we renew our strength in the Lord, we will soar on wings of eagles.

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