December 12, 2010

Greetings from a dear friend

Sorry it has been so long in writing. As you know my health has not been the greatest in the past few years. 2009 was the worst year for me having to endure 9 surgeries.

This year in May I needed to have my colon removed for which I spent 21 days in the hospital. Recovery time seemed to be very slow. During my healing time I was given a 45 day noticed to move. I was to move from my apt. to another in the attached building within my complex. My Drs were not thrilled and told me I should not move. Since management wouldn't budge I had to find a way to do this. Many phone calls were made.

With the help of many dear friends from my church and where I live - my packing, cleaning of the old apt. I was able to move on Sept. 3rd. I did not lift anything I wasn't allowed by my Drs. nor could I do the cleaning, I did do some packing but it was just my office and medical supplies. Many women pitched in to help move all the little boxes and 4 strong men from church came and moved all my furniture. I was totally moved out of one apt and into the new one in 5 hrs. A few of my friends who helped move me also came back the next day and unpacked me.

I am still trying to get used to my new apt. it is smaller than I am used to.

On Oct. 8th I saw a new Dr for a 2nd opinion on my Phrenic Nerve and Diaphragm - because 3 Drs believed it is causing my breathing problems - that EMG showed my Phrenic Nerve and Diaphragm are normal and that my breathing issues are caused by my heart and lungs - the EMG that was done in July last year was done too soon after my neck fusion and the readings were incorrect. I am in the process of getting all new Drs. to sort out what is going on. The new EMG did show that I have autonomic distal polyneuropathy in both feet and up the right leg. It is genetic and I was told without the Lord's intervention it can get worse. My feet and legs swell all the time and the water pills do not help it.

Then following my move I was told that I needed a "simple hernia repair". So I scheduled it for Oct. 11th. That surgery resulted in 2 emergency surgeries to stop an active vessel bleed. That made 3 surgeries in 3 weeks. I am on the mend but still dealing with a few new health issues involving my heart and lungs and was diagnosis of Lupus the day of my release from the hospital following the last surgery in Oct.

Through it all God has been with me providing the strength and Grace I have needed to endure and persevere. I have never been alone - He is always with me.

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Colleen said...

I pray for you every day, Deb. You really have been through so so much in the last few years. I just hope you can catch a break somehow! Many hugs to you!! (((HUGS)))