April 17, 2011

I Am Trying To Get Up To Date

I haven't been blogging since December so much has been going on. With the Lord's help I have been directed to some new Drs who actually have been diagnosing me properly. I have been told I have this when in reality it wasn't that in the first place but something else. I am doing good now that I am finally getting to the bottom of things.

Here is the most current medical info to date:

Echo/Bubble study: Dr V said it was somewhat normal - the heart monitor report to my Dr said Normal but he ?'d it because he said every time I had an episode my heart rate dropped extremely low. (When I got extremely dizzy). Dr V said the heart monitor and the echo results are not going hand in hand. He needs to looked into it further he said. He did diagnose me with POTS.

Colon: Defecography is scheduled for the 22nd report will immediately be faxed to my surgeon so she can schedule surgery - either a colostomy or a rectal prolapse repair.

Chiari Center
: Shocking results - no I do not have Chiari (good news), but I have something worse than that - my neck is in worse shape than my Neurosurgeon thought. I am crushing my spinal cord so much so I am not getting any spinal fluid to the brain. Plus I have 3 new bulging discs above the fusion and more pinched nerves.
This is causing my Occipital Neuralgia, can also be causing my colon / bladder problems. I was put in a hard ridged neck brace to take off the pressure from my spine. I wear this 24/7.

Dr H is a Neurosurgeon - who treats patients like me daily. Not a clear cut case. I am to wear this brace for 2 weeks report in any and all changes that happen. Then I wear it 2 more weeks and go in for more tests so he can schedule the necessary surgery to correct the spine issues.

Dr H also told me I have POTS but believes it has been caused from an Autonomic Dysfunction but it also can be caused by the spinal cord problem. Both Dr H and Dr V said I need to be on some meds to stop the action of the Vagus Nerve - that is why he said I am complicated.

At this point you are probably wondering what POTS is so here is the link http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Postural_orthostatic_tachycardia_syndrome#Symptoms

As always thank you for your love, support, prayers and Phriendship I could not do all this without you. Deb

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