August 21, 2011

A Long way to go.......

I started outpatient therapy on the 1st of August. This was just my evaluation so the therapist would know what to do with me.

My Neurosurgeon said no forcible ROM (range of motion). I was to have Ultrasound, massage and stabilization with exercise. Simple right, wrong.

On August 3rd I went for my 1st therapy appt. I did the normal exercises, then the therapist said I needed to do some active ROM, I told him I wasn't allowed to do that, he said yes within reason. He gave me a sheet of paper with the movements on it so I could do them at home.

The next morning I woke up and I was in a horrible amount of pain. I took my muscle relaxer and a pain pill and laid back down. It seemed like every time I sat straight up or stood up for more than 20 mins I would get this severe headache in the top of my head. Nothing would take it away, I had to lay down to get rid of it.

This went on all weekend, so on Monday the 8th I put in a call to my Dr. then I called my therapist, and said I would not be in that day until my Dr. called me and explained why. The associate Dr. called me and asked what happened, I told everything the therapist did and he said do not go back until you see Dr. H again, you'll need new x rays when you see him to make sure nothing was damaged. Oh great just what I needed to hear, the therapist could have damaged my neck.

My appt. with my Dr. was on the 19th, I had new x rays taken and I have 2 screws out of place, inflammation and a pain in the neck. I will need to go for some steroid injections to calm things down, I am not to go back for therapy. Then go back to see the Dr. after my injections to schedule more surgery to put things back in place. In the mean time I lay around a lot to keep the headaches at bay and no movement of my neck what so ever.


Colleen said...

I hope you at least called the therapy place to let the therapist you saw know what happened!! Of course, then he'd probably blame it on you and said you did something too hard. UGH!!! I'm so sorry you're dealing with more neck problems, but you continue to be in my prayers! (((HUGS)))

Siv Elin said...

Lots of hugs from Norway, Deb..