August 31, 2012

Mayo's Appointments

I realize it has been over a month since I have been back but I have had  appointments left and right since I have been back.  

I ended up being at Mayo for 2 1/2 weeks even had time to go to their emergency dept.  

For the first week I had 7 to 8 appts. a day.   One after another totally exhausting.   They sent me to clinics I never heard of and do tests that I thought I'd never get through.  They had me going from one dept. to another giving me a total work-up from head to toe leaving no stone unturned. 

The second week was more appts.  I only 4 and 5 a day, not as exhausting.  Weather was hot and humid, there wasn't a day that the heat index wasn't below 100 degrees.  Was suppose to rain like 4 times but never did.  I stayed at a hotel 3 blocks away but to get home I had to walk via the subway to avoid the heat what took 6 mins in the morning took at least 1/2 hr back.  It was like a maze getting home.  

Anyway I got there via my friend Marilyn and her husband Tom, due to my crazy appt. schedule they left on Friday, we arrived on Wednesday, June 27 they planned to come get me when I was done.   

The last Wednesday I was there I think it was the 11th of July Marilyn planned on coming up on Sat. the 14th to avoid the traffic to get me.   But on Thursday while I was at the Mayo ER her son phoned me to tell me Marilyn was at the ER at home.  Something with her heart and that she couldn't come get me.  

My ER was minor - swollen, red, itchy lips and surrounding area.  Turns out I am allergic to beeswax.  I didn't know that until I switched chap sticks.  Marilyn was admitted and they did a heart carth.  but didn't find anything wrong so they gave her a 30 day heart monitor and sent her on her way Friday evening.  I did get home Friday night as well via another transportation company.

I hope to never go to Mayo again that was extremely taxing on my body. 


Colleen said...

What an exhausting couple of weeks at Mayo for you! I hope you've gotten some test results back already?? And some answers?? I hope your friend will be alright, and nothing major is wrong! You're still in my prayers!

Enchanted Nightbird said...

Hi there,
What a story! Sounds real taxing going to MAYO but worth it to have finally the tests done. Which one did you go to? I am in Florida & also HATE HEAT! I hate fl I am from Colorado & we moved here 7-8 yrso. My husband wanted to & I followed. Not sure as to why? I absolutly hate it here. My family was in Colorado. I lost my 60 yr old sister last Sept 29th & Mother Nov 17th. A yr ago. Then Sis Bday was Jan 1 Moms was the 2nd. Real hard to stay positive. Also my hubby is working is but off 6-7 days a week & so on plus on some week ends night gigs. Im 49 he is 53. Been together 20 yrs. He is not much support. Hes there for me but so over worked & frustrated going through all this for 12 yrs hes spent. The compassion is run dry. I can't blame him ontop of all this the drma my family caused last yr. Horrific. My daughter is also in Colorado she is 31. I miss her so much. But very sad she won't talk to me. She thinks I just want pity. Thats a long story in its se;f. Anyway I didn't mean to write a book. I like your web site here. Lots of helpful information! I understand it.
Thank you~
Talk soon I hope~