August 31, 2012

Mayo's Findings

Here is somewhat of Mayo's Findings according to the Internal Medicine Dr. who was my go to Dr.  to get everything done.

The clinics I went to were: Neurology, Cardiology, Cough clinic, Vascular, Autonomic, Blood clinic, Urology, I had Xrays, Ct scan, blood work on 4 different days and a host of different tests.  Because I was on blood thinners no procedures were done there that required my being off them.  If I needed a particular procedure it would be scheduled when I got home with my Hematologist directing things.

I will start with my head my work my way down.
  • MRI and EEG shows excessive fast activity in the posterior aspect of right globuss pallidus.  (Needs following with Neurologist).
  • Xrays of the spine: facet disease at the C2-C3 area as well T2,3,4,5.  Bulging disks and DDD at the T4, T5 area of the thoracic.  T2 prominent spinous process is eroding needs intervention. Loosening and/or protruding hardware found throughout the fusion. Cervical Spondylois. (Surgery is indicated at this time, see Neurosurgeon at earliest appt.). 
  • Chest Xrays:  Mildly tortuous aorta.  Thoracolumbar curve.  Colon or small intestines are interposition between the right hemidiaphragm and liver.  
  • Lung Xray and Ct Scan:  Scattered linear opacities in both lung bases with architectural distortion and bronchiectasis related to pulmonary fibrosis.  Also found to have bronchial wall thickening. EMG confirms Neuromuscular weakness.  Bilateral timy calcified granulomas.  2 - 2mm nodules seen in left lower lobe definitely not calcified. (to be watched.)  (Further tests need to be done, can be made with specialist who works with Pulmonary Fibrosis). 
  •  Cough Clinic:  Findings:  Chronic cough due to idiopathic fluid retention, Bronchiectasis, Pulmonary Fibrosis and idiopathic Neuromuscular weakness, (follow - up with Pulmonary Dr in 6 weeks, can be done at home or here).
  •  Hematologist: Findings:  Von Willebrand disease, iron deficiency anemia, Protein S, Protein C deficiencies.  (Follow-up with Hematologist at home).(Further recommendations is to have an EMG and Colonoscopy to find the source of bleed - iron defienct anemia has been present since 2007, can be done here or at home).
  • Vascular: Findings:  Bilateral lower extremity swelling.  More notable on the right than left.  RSDS on the right foot.  Has clubbing of fingers and toes.  Lower extremities cool to the touch.  Has some venulectatic and telangietatic varicosities in both calves.  Ultrasound confirms 3 bilateral small saphenous vein insufficiency.  Also confirmed including RSD, autonomic dysfunction and  lymphatic dysfunction caused by knee operations.  (She is to see her Vascular Surgeon at home to have what I would recommend a procedure of small saphenous vein laser ablation). 
  • Neurology: Findings: Autonomic dysfunction of intestines, bladder and right leg.  Periodic Limb Movement Disorder, Urological issues. (Continue treatments with home Neurologist).                         
 I will re-read the notes from the Dr to make sure nothing is missing.  Next blog in a couple of days will be what I have been doing since Mayo.

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Colleen said...

Ok, I didn't see this post when I read the other. lol Wow, you certainly got a lot of answers, well I hope so anyway. Lots of follow up that I hope will determine what to do next!! HUGS!