February 14, 2009

Surgery update

Surgery was 2 hrs. They removed 7 bone spurs, freed up my spinal canal (spinal stenosis), removed 2 ruptured discs, put bone in the 2 areas and put me back together with a metal plate and 4 screws. I know people were praying because the surgery went so smoothly. Thank you for your prayers.

I came home the next day and am trying to sleep - I am in a lot of pain - head/neck/arms/hands/ and spinal cord area. Talking is difficult. I do not have a neck brace he said it would cause more problems with constriction on the nerves and muscles. I have minimal movement up and down and nothing side to side. I go back on the 24th for a follow-up.

Healing can take up to 2 months, the Dr said I could be in pain that long as well. My biggest struggle is swallowing - I am on a liquid plan for now, my medications that are a huge problem I can't crush them, I even tried to put them in hot water to dissolve them no luck. I have a pill splitter so I cut them up as small as I can, sometimes they still get stuck.

I will post when I can.

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