April 04, 2012

My Medical Mystery

Awhile ago I said I'd post as soon as I know something so here goes.

My current medical diagnosis (confirmed):

CHF - Congestive Heart Failure, unspecified
LVDD- Left Ventricle Diastolic Dysfunction
Essential hypertension, benign
Tricuspid Regurgitation - mild
Edema - severe
Autonomic dysfunction
Neurogenic Bladder -NOS
Lupus anticoagulant w/hemorrhagic disorder
Nonalcoholic steatohepatitis - NASH
Iron deficient Anemia
Vit D deficiency
Abnormal EKG's - prominent R(V1) and left axis - nonspecific - as seen in patients with pulmonary disease
-nonspecific T-abnormality.

Dry cough on a daily basis, still 8/10 lb weight gain daily - makes Shortness Of Breath worse until I take the water pills.

Been though the wringer again with blood tests and other tests - Right leg will not stop swelling even with water pills will be having MRI on ankle and knee next week.

No improvement at all in Pulmonary Rehab They are sending me to my new PH Dr on April 12th, 3 Drs have told me another RHC needs to be ordered. My blood pressure has been climbing from my normal of 90/50 to now 118/78 to 120/85.
Just received my MRI results from my foot - I have what they called a raging tendonitis have to take Celebrex for only 14 days to see if it works if not then go to see the Ortho doc.

Due to the fact that my thyroid is hyper again I will be seeing my Endocrine Dr on the 16th of April. My Dr. is concerned because when someone doesn't have a thyroid and on synthyroid my levels should not be changing.


Colleen said...

I still continue to pray for answers for you. Stay strong, I'm sure it's tough sometimes when you're dealing with so much! (((HUGS)))

Jenni said...

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