April 21, 2012


I just received the confirmation I was looking for about Mayo Clinic in MN. My transportation company who drives me around when my friend can not said that they have a contract with WI and neighboring states that if we do not have a ride to Medical Appts. they have to take us. I do not need a prior authorization or anything just a date and I call them up 3 days before and I am guaranteed a ride. I am so excited.

If that wasn't enough good news - I found out both my insurances are excepted - and since I do not have extra money or should I say with my financial situation I qualify to live near by at no cost to me. I also qualify for food vouchers. God is good All the Time. Oh and I do not need a referral I just make the appt. and away I go.

I have requested the Appts., forwarded the pertinent info to them via the Internet now I have to wait 2 business days for the review, then they call me go over some more medical stuff and then I get the Appt. dates.

I my PCP approved this, well she personally called me yesterday and was doing the happy dance on the phone I could almost see it. She said she will do ALL the gathering of all the necessary documents and test results we need and make an Appt. to see me and hand deliver them to me.

Dr K. is the best Dr. I have ever had and goes the second mile to help her patients when she knows she can't. She can't wait for the process to go forward. Truthfully I think she was more ecstatic then I was.         
Thanks again I will keep you posted as I know more. Deb.


DavEdsel said...

Hi, Deb. Davedsel57 (Dave) from WebMD. I decided to follow your blog so I can be praying for you.

DavEdsel said...

Deb, just an FYI. I just posted in the WebMD communities where I am involved that I am taking a break from posting. I have enough drama in my own life without having the deal with members like Den and Bronosbud. Just too much for me to handle at this time. I will try and follow your blog here and keep praying for you.