April 10, 2012

Ortho Appointment

My ortho appointment didn't go as planned. My Dr. said he doesn't work with feet or ankles I need to see another Dr.

He did address my right knee pain and found out that the Patellar Tendon was severely inflamed. Then he looked at my left knee and found that to be severely inflamed but with a bursa within the area below the knee along the Patella Tendon.

Course of action was a Cortisone injection in both knees. I am to watch and wait to see if the Tendons calm down. I did ask him why are all my Tendons going haywire and he had no response. He said it wasn't his job to figure that out but to calm the pain down. Another mystery I guess.

I went to Pulmonary Rehab today but had to cautiously use the NuStep and not bend my knees too far. Walking today has been some what painful. I see my Podiatrist on the 18th to address my foot have no clue what is in store.

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