April 18, 2012

Three Different Appointment Results

Hello and welcome to my Mystery Medical Story.

It has been a battle for a long time and right now I am not any closer to getting answers than I was in 2007 when this all began.

The first appt. was on April 12th with the Pulmonary Doctor who specializes in PH. He took a look at me, my test results, my blood pressure and said "well I see your blood pressure is starting to climb but it is not bad."

His visit was somewhat frustrating because he has no clue what to do with me and said so, he told me to just go home and live with what I have and not get frustrated because that will not help. I am to keep taking my water pills because at least that is working and keeping me from more serious problems. I said that is fine but what is it I have that I need to just live with?

He begins to name them one after another and then said I would benefit from seeing another doctor who and what kind shocked me and my friend. He looked at my fingers and nails and wanted to know if I noticed a difference in them, which I replied yes. He wants me to go see a dermatologist for "clubbed fingers and nails". The thing is, clubbed fingers are most likely caused by a heart problem, a lung problem and or low oxygen in the blood. All of which I have. And the Pulmonary Doctor who deals with the lungs wants me to see a Dermatologist. Now isn't that a good one.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
The Endo appt. on the 16th went horribly wrong. This Dr believing he knows it all, cursed me out and told me when, where and how to take my Thyroid medicine. I have been taking thyroid meds since I was 15 yrs old. I do not believe they changed the way one is to take them. Since I refused and told him why, I couldn't take the thyroid medicine his way, he told me in a rage he has been treating people for 25 yrs and he knows better than the pharmacy and my PCP. And that I do not need to be tested again for a year. Which no one is agreeing too because I do not have a thyroid it flip flops from hyper to hypo on a regular basis, that is why I was sent to see this yahoo in the first place. I will not be going back to him in the near future or ever.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
I saw my foot doctor today for my edema and Tenosynovitis of flexor hallucis longus. His recommendation is to rest and ice my ankle and stay off it while I am on Prednisone for a week. He does not want me to even go to the Pulm. Rehab as exercise can cause more damage. He thinks that is what is still causing the Tendon flare ups in my knees "the exercise". The Ortho Dr never told me to rest and ice and certainly never said to stop exercising.

I will go back to the foot doctor on the 30th if I am not better or the pain has not gone away I will need to be put in a air boot again for 6 weeks. He thinks the flare ups are due to an arch problem in that foot because of the Tarsal Tunnel Surgeries in 1993. My foot is not stable. He wants to talk about getting arch supports but my insurance doesn't cover it and I can not afford it. I am not worried about this for I know the Lord will provide as He Has always done before.

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