January 12, 2009

The Battles

I few people have asked me how I keep going? My answer is simple - The Lord is my strength, my shield and my strong tower. If I didn't have the Lord with me I know I wouldn't be here.

It says in the Bible ~ 2 Chronicles 20:15, 17 ~ Do not be afraid nor dismayed.... for the battle is not yours, but God's. Do not fear or be dismayed; .... for the Lord is with you.

I haven't been blogging daily because of my hands - the nerves in my neck are effecting my hands - the palm side is cold all the time - the top side is burning 24/7 like someone is setting fire to them. Which is making typing and writing difficult - so I post when I can - it is usually brief.

Tomorrow the 13th of January, I will be having breast surgery so I will not be blogging for about a week - this surgery was just added to my health problems on Dec 31 and booked last week. My PH issues still exist but can't see those Dr's. right now.

There is a book called "PURE JOY!" I have been reading and the following is actually how I feel.

The Battle's Not Yours

The Battle's not yours, it is Mine;
Your Creator and King,
Your Shepherd and Savior,
deliverance I'll bring.

So My child just rest
and be still.
Sit at My feet
and drink your fill;
cease striving to understand,
and know that you never leave My hands.

The battle's not yours, it is Mine.
I am Lord over all,
triumphant and mighty.
My kingdom won't fall.

So My child release to Me your fear,
and know that your Prince of Peace is near.
Take up My Word;
it is your sword,
and know that the battle is the Lord's
it is not yours.

Know matter what we go through He is there taking care of us - it might not be the way we want - but He is there to help us through the battles if we give them to Him. Remember the battles we face are not ours but the Lords.

May God Bless you all - I'll be back in a week - see you then love Deb.

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