January 16, 2009

Rest is what was ordered!

I had my surgery on Tuesday the 13th, came home on Wednesday. I just wanted to let you know I am okay, I am to rest as much as possible and do nothing. So I am resting in the Lord's hands.

I take my medication for pain and rest a few hours - I get up eat and go back to sleep. I will not get any results to the large chunk that was taken out until the 20th.

Frozen Ice Outside my Window

My Dr. called last night to make sure I was doing alright and that I was staying indoors, he said I shouldn't go out until my next appt. It has been below 0 the last few days, even schools have been closed. I think I will stay inside where it is warm.

Thank you for all your prayers I will post next week when I know more. Blessings to you. Love Deb.

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