January 29, 2009

Updates from this weeks appts.

Tuesday: Neurosurgeon says - surgery is only 2 hrs, hospital stay maybe 2 days, will go home to tend for myself, follow up appt in 2 weeks, my neck/arms/hands should show improvement within 2 months of surgery, if not than he will have to go in the back of my neck and do more work.

Wednesday: Hematologist - will repeat blood work in a year, said that once a person acquires (gets) lupus anticoagulant it doesn't go away - need to stay on Warfarin for life. I'll go on the shots starting the 4th and remain on them until I'm up to 2.0 INR following the surgery. I will do my INRs at home starting 3 weeks after surgery.

Thursday (today): PH appt. what a joke - Dr P said based on my RHC he doesn't think I have PH but "some kind of lung condition". He says my numbers weren't high enough to be PH.My 6 min walk today was only 150 meters or 452 feet - the same as Oct. no change in the walk, I did lose 8lbs since Oct. - I almost passed out twice and was very SOB. My 02 again started out at 94 and went up to 100. Heart rate went from 80 to 100.

I had a fluoroscope done to see if my diaphragm goes up and down with big breathes I almost passed out there as well and I have to go back next Wed. for a PFT Pulmonary Function Test and blood oxygen gases, I just love those yea right, this test is done in the artery of your wrist.

Dr P is thinking the pinched nerves in my neck could be causing my SOB with movement. He thinks the decompressing of the nerves is the best thing for me right now. I will know more next week after the other tests. He is looking for Interstitial Lung Disease - Pulmonary Fibrosis.

I'm more clueless about the SOB and PH than I ever was, I don't know what to think regarding this.

Other than all that I'm just hanging in there I read and pray - posting is getting harder each day. Thanks for all your love, prayers and support. Talk to you all soon, love Deb

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