November 03, 2008

Back from my primary care Dr.

I am back from my pcp dr. apparently I don't have myocarditis as I was told by the ER dr. but actually have pericarditis (inflammation of the tissues surrounding the heart muscle or something like that).

Pericarditis is what my dr said is wrong with me. She believes I got it from the sinus infection (which I still have) - will be treating me 1 more week of antibiotics - Z pack is what I call it. Still running 99.9 fever, pain in the heart, dizzy, SOB and an elevated CK enzyme. She said this certain CK enzyme is suppose to be 1.0 I'm at 5.24. Just a tad high - so I have to lay low. Yeah right - yes she knows about all my appts. I almost forgot I lost 5lbs in 6 weeks.

Stroboscope tomorrow - PH dr on Thursday. Next Tues. meeting with Heart Surgeon.

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