November 11, 2008

Veteran's Day

"The Lord remembers us and will Bless us....." Psalm 115:12

As the Lord remembers us we should pay tribute to all who have served in the armies and wars in years past. Those who gave their lives for us on the battle fields we say thanks. Young and old they should always be remembered - we should to grateful for the ways they provided protection for us. Thank you for giving your lives for us. Thank you for serving our country. For the many who came back - injured they need our prayers for healing, comfort and safety from the traumatic battle you now face, Lord be with them.

For all those for are currently serving we shall lift them up in prayer so that the battle can be won. As Aaron and Hur lifted up Moses arms so they too could win the fight, we shall hold up our troops in prayer. Let us gather together in one accord and pray with our Nation.

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