November 14, 2008

Between a Rock & a Hard Place

Psalm 56:13 - For you have delivered me from death and my feet from stumbling, that I may walk before God in the light of life.

This scripture is true for me, I have been pronounced dead 4x's, I've been brought back. Oct '07 I probably should have died yet I am still here. I believe God is using me to tells others my story. He has delivered me from death so I can live for Him.

I have left you hanging since Tuesday and I am sorry - I awoke on Wednesday via the phone ringing - I picked it up but it kept ringing then it dawned on me I have to press talk, funny how these phones work. Anyway, I told the person I did not feel well and could not come in. Not a problem - went back to bed - I was in the bathroom more than not. Yesterday I mostly slept. I am up today with a headache but I am up. My girlfriend's beep on the computer woke me to tell me I left her hanging - so here is the rest of the story from Tuesday.

I like my new heart doctor, Dr K he is very thorough and he works hand in hand with Dr P my PH doc. He asked questions and so did I.

Apparently I have a few things going on not in my favor. PFO's (Patent Foreman Ovule) or hole in the heart in adults can only be fixed or repaired if it is measured to be beyond a certain cm size and/or I had to have a documented stroke.

1. The Echo that was done in March showed the hole to be open 24/7 small at rest and very large when moving, they didn't measure it in cm's. So now Dr K has to actually measure it to see if I qualify for the repair. He is also contacting my Neurologist who dx'd the TIA's (mini strokes) to see if the tests they did, actually has it written down what caused the TIA's if it was the PFO that could qualify me for the repair.

2. The only thing that came back abnormal on the blood tests was the Lupus anticoagulant - it was extremely high, suggesting blood clots daily - will be on Warfarin for life (a blood thinner) - based on 4 different positive readings. The 10 vials taken last week Thursday showed I was normal in vitamins, minerals, anemia and whatever else was tested.

3. Dr K put me in class VI for PH per symptoms. Class IV is the worse, which means severe - one can't do much without having problems. Now Dr K has to go in and find out: is it my heart that is causing the problem or my lungs. He said he agrees I don't have asthma - but believes something is wrong when my 02 goes up when I do anything when it should go down. Just doing a few simple things in his office I just about passed out 2 times. Okay so I am backwards.

4. My TEE (trasesophageal echocardiogram) is scheduled for Dec. 5th, after the test Dr K will give me the results then schedule an exercise heart catherization to see what is going on. He thinks I have exercise induced PH (pulmonary hypertension) but can't prove it based on written reports so he will look himself.

5. No meds can be started for PH until they know what they are dealing with - heart disease runs in my family. So that is why the concern. He did say that I did have PE's in Oct '07 which is what triggered all this. And so I wait. Thanks for reading and the support.

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