November 05, 2008

Where did the day go?

Where did the day go? I slept 11 hrs last night. I was sleeping by I think 8ish pm. I awoke at 7:15am. It is now 6pm.

I did my Bible reading said my prayers - and felt good so I went food shopping - came home put it away and that was it. I was done, I took another 2 hr nap and when I awoke I just didn't have any energy.

Tomorrow is my appt. with my PH specialist - have to have a pulmonary function test, 6 minute walk, then talk to the Dr. about what has been going on or should I say not going on. Ever since I got sick this last time around I am completely zapped of all energy.

I have my last appt. with Craig my physical therapist at 9am tomorrow for my knee, I would love to cancel it but I have done so 2 times in the last 2 weeks so I have to go. My knee is doing quiet will all things considered. I believe that the 2nd surgery was a blessing from God because my knee has never bent past 90 degrees for 15 yrs. it now bends 103 degrees enough to walk up and down stairs. I can walk down but going up due to my PH it is extremely hard - I have no air or breath to do it. I do take the stairs down as often as I can to keep my knee moving - I rely on the elevator to get back up.

That is it for now - I'll be back tomorrow after 6pm because of my 4 pm appt. Thanks for reading.

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