November 21, 2008

The Yellow Rose of Peace

The Yellow Rose of Peace ~

“I always thank God for you because of his grace given you in Christ Jesus. For in him you have been enriched in every way – in all your speaking and in all your knowledge.” 1Corinthians 1:4-5.

When I started my home business in 1994 I based it on the above scripture, also I used the Rose as my symbol for my business (floral designing & landscaping). The Rose has a special meaning to me - it represents the God Head Three in One.

The Rose is the only perfect flower made, I believe, the bud so perfectly formed to me symbolizes God - protecting His Son within, the open flower in full bloom is so awesome, breath taking in so many ways - symbolizes Jesus - perfect without sin, the stem with it's throne's symbolizes our sins, trials and tribulations we have to endure. A garden full of Roses always makes me feel like I am in heaven, it is so captivating.

I met a girl down in Chicago in 1994, through a support group for RSD (Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy) a nerve disorder that causes extreme pain 24/7, that many have but don't know they do until diagnosed. Anyway Kim and I got along like sisters, every time she needed surgery I would go there by train or bus to be with her...she always did the same for me. Strangely her favorite flower was the Yellow Rose. I went to Chicago once a month to the support group, every two weeks for treatments for my RSD. I always would go to lunch or something with Kim when I was in town, for 2 years.

One day in 1996 she called me up and asked if I would be her bride's maid - and could I do your flowers for her wedding, she added all I want is yellow roses. I was so delighted I said yes. There was only one problem she said - due to the RSD my frozen shoulder, how can I carry the flowers? She made an appt. with her treating dr. who said to go see her surgeon.

Kim's surgeon said all she needed was one more surgery on the shoulder and she would be fine. The surgery was scheduled for Sept. 1996, she moved her wedding up to Nov. from April. Her dr. told her she would be ready. Mark was so thrilled as was Kim.

The day of her surgery I could not be there, first time I missed being there, but I had an ortho appt. at the same time in Milw. she was in Chicago. As I was going up in the elevator to my appt. I felt something was wrong with Kim. A small voice said, "I called her home". I looked around to see if anyone else was there talking, but I was alone. God had prepared me ahead of time. I yelled oh no please don't tell me she died! I kept thinking maybe if I had gone there instead of my appt. this wouldn't have happened, but it did.

I got home and in my mail was a card from Kim, also a message from Mark to call him. My heart sank.... the card Kim sent me was the exact same one I sent her two days prior, I thought, this can't be mine. It was not, "My Yellow Rose of Peace" which she wrote....Remember....Someone always cares. Love Your Friend From Afar, Kim. One can't even imagine what I was thinking, I knew before calling Mark, the Lord called Kim home. A peace came over me before I even picked up the phone to call, Mark said thank you for the card you sent Kim, we rec'd it today and I will put it with her in the casket. It was the same one I rec'd from Kim. He said that he is at peace with Kim's passing.

With my leg in a brace, I asked a friend to drive me to the funeral in Chicago - and I layed a dozen yellow roses beside her. Mark and I never met, but when I came in the room with the yellow roses we hugged and cried - we knew who each other was. God brings people in our paths for a reason - sometimes we will never know why. Kim needed a friend who understood what she was going through - RSD. I was the one.

The same with PH, there are so many I have met via the Internet - that I believe God is allowing me to go through PH to be there for others, as He allowed me to be friends with Kim. But a cure needs to be found, there are too many deaths because of PH. So my prayers will continue.


When I give to you a yellow rose
I wish you the peace
That only heaven knows
As you look upon its beauty
And feel the love
Know that our friendship
Is blessed from above

Accept my yellow rose
With love and peace
I pray that your joy in the Lord
Will never cease
When, He comes to take you
From this land
May He walk with you in eternity
Hand in hand
by: Esther Lorenz


Shelly Adair said...

I just came across your post and it was very touching and truthful. But I also wanted to thank you for posting the Yellow Rose of Peace. My mother wrote that and it is so cool to see her writing making a difference for many years
Shelly Adair

Teddybear said...

Shelly I hope you read this - I still have Kim's card she sent to me all those years ago.

My floral business was based on the Yellow Rose - to me the Rose is God's autograph to mankind.

Thank you to your mothers for the perfect words. Blessings to you and your family. Deb