November 04, 2008

Okay I'm up

There are days in the life of us with PH, where we just have a hard time getting up and functioning and today was an example of one of those days.

I am up, ready to go but want to go back to sleep. Eight hours of sleep for me is just not enough - especially when you don't feel good.

I am off to see my ENT specialist to have my stroboscope done so I can give it to my Neurologist before surgery. I'll be back -
It's 6:30pm and I have been trying to get back to my journaling today but, I have been quite tired since my drs. appt. I came home took 2 phone calls then left to vote. I came home and fell asleep for an hr. Walked to Walgreen's, came home and I am done in.

I will sleep in tomorrow and finish writing - I have already called church to tell them I would not be coming in to volunteer tomorrow and my pastor understood. He said, "my health is more important right now, but please know how much you are needed." That makes one feel good when they say that. Thanks pastor!

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