November 08, 2008

It's wash day

Today I was able to get up at 8am. Said my prayers and thanked God for another day. No more antibiotics so I hope to stay awake all day.

I went to Wal-mart to pick up some nose stuff and came home. Was gone only 1 hr.

I had 2 loads of clothes to do today, it is a blessing to have our laundry room just a few doors from mine. It takes everything I got in me to do the laundry, 1/2 hr to wash, go back put it in the dryer, the up & down motion gets me extremely dizzy. A half hr later go back and get some of the clothes. I hang up my shirts and slacks right away so I don't have to iron. Where ever I can save my energy I do. Half hr later I go back again to get the rest of the clothes.

Today has been computer catch up day - been trying for 3 months to figure out why I couldn't get into PH's chat room, after 3 hrs of enabling this, that and everything in between I am now able to get into chat. It makes me feel like I just accomplished something when it finally works. I always ask for God's help but sometimes it doesn't go as fast as I'd like.

Today is my "adoptive" spiritual mom's birthday - though she is in Hawaii celebrating their 50th anniversary I called her and left a message so she didn't think I forgot. She gets back Sunday afternoon I believe. She was born the same year as my real mom 1936 - but on the day my mom passed away 11/8. My mom passed away on this day 11/8, 23yrs ago. You know as I think of Kathy's birthday, I still think of my mom with tears of joy, because she is in heaven and someday I'll be there with her, my brother and grandma & grandpa. Kathy has been in my life now for just about 3 yrs. She has survived stage 4 cancer and is going strong like she never had it. I really believe that God puts certain people in our lives for different reasons.

It almost feels like I am going down memory lane. I think I am done on the computer for awhile - I'll go see if anything is on TV. Maybe later I will go to chat with my Phers.

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