November 02, 2008

Fall behind

Today I tried to get up to go to Church, that is what I used to do every Sunday go to Church. Since last October 07' getting to go anywhere is extremely hard to go. Today I just couldn't get up, kept falling back to sleep, as I journal today I am still in my PJ's.

Daylight savings time really mess's me up for about two weeks, I don't know about anyone else but me it is the pits, why can't time just stay put? Spring ahead and fall behind just is dumb to me.

Tomorrow I have to get up early the van will pick me up at 9am for my Drs. appt. I need to have my blood work re-checked to see if my CK-MB is still elevated, I pray it isn't I don't want any more antibiotics. They make me sicker than I already am.

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